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Shearzone Collectors is a unique one stop shop for all your Crystal, Gemstones and Mineral Specimen needs. Our passion for African minerals has been our inspiration for dealing in predominantly African gems. We believe that Africa has a lot to offer the world and we love to showcase that.Our Boutique style store front, based in the heart of Sandton, South Africa has become quite popular with tourists from all over the world who just love taking souvenirs back home of authentic African gems. We stock nothing but the best and the most unique pieces, which are also travel friendly because of their portable size. Our stock includes Zambian Carrolites, Brandberg Amethysts, Malachites from The Congo, breath-taking Smoky Citrines, the occasional Meteorites and many many more.

We have an incredible one of a kind  jewellery collection  which can be worn for everyday use or on those special occasions. What you can also expect to find in our Sandton store is our exclusive Shearzone Collectors Home Range, this unique range offers the best in home décor goodies, laced with our amazing gems. From Antiques to modern contemporary designs. Let your home be a peaceful and yet elegant sanctuary with a statement piece from our collection.

We source rocks from around Africa. Our mines in Zambia are rich in Rose and Clear Quartz, Tourmalines, Flourites and Amethyst which gives us a competitive edge and allow us to sell at bulk and wholesale prices as well. The great thing about mining our own crystals is that we are able to guarantee authenticity of the crystals which means customer satisfaction. On the mine we also have a tumbling plant, where we can make all kinds of wonderful shapes and sculptures from the rough stones we mine such as Amethyst Eggs, or Flourite Elephants.

For our more internationally based clients we have an Ebay store, where our clients have the opportunity to purchase the specimen of their choice. We boast a very exotic collection of minerals from all over Africa. These have been hand-picked by our team from mines all over the Continent. We truly pride ourselves in being a very holistic Gemstone Company which caters to all, from seasoned collectors to Jewellery lovers, to businesses, there is something for everyone. Always respecting the integrity of the Gems, all our rocks are greatly cared for.

Shearzone Collectors’ line of business include the wholesale and retail distribution of Gems and Mineral Specimens both rough and processed. Our company is a place for gem enthusiasts, collectors, jewellers and traders to purchase quality, rough or well cut stones.


The best way to experience our wide collection of our products is to visit the store. Follow your sparkle and choose the most magnificent gems and jewels to satisfy yourself.

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  • Legacy Corner Mall, Shop L305, 2 Maude Street c/o 5th Street, Sandton, Johannesburg
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